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06th Jul 2017

Susanna Reid has perfect response to ridiculous ‘cleavage’ comments


Nooruddean Choudry


In case it wasn’t strikingly apparent, Susanna Reid is an experienced journalist and accomplished broadcaster. Her sunny disposition and self-deprecating humour may be perfect for breakfast television – they certainly come in handy when dealing with Piers Morgan – but she is more than qualified for her role as Good Morning Britain anchor.

Reid studied Politics, Philosophy and Law at university, followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism. She was the editor of her student newspaper, and fitted a career as a budding young actress around her academic endeavours – and this was all before starting on a very successful career as a radio and television personality at the BBC and then ITV.

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Her work has won her industry awards and she is incredibly popular amongst the viewing public. But it seems that to certain tabloids she is more notable for being a woman in ownership of an adult female chest.

We are all well aware that it doesn’t take much to get clearly repressed newspaper editors hot under the collar and sweating like horny pubescent schoolboys. But even by their standards, they went full perv on Thursday morning.

Reid was on GMB duty alongside Ben Shephard, and was wearing what can only be described as ‘a dress’. Very summery it was too, but hardly newsworthy in any particular way, right?


Both the Star and the Express decided to go with splashes about how Reid was leaving ‘little to the imagination’ by ‘flashing serious cleavage’ in her ‘daring’ outfit. The former even had ‘CLEAVAGE’ writ large in capitals FFS.

If you’re somewhat confused about the undue attention Reid’s outfit received, how do you think Reid feels? Ignoring the fact that something similar would hardly be written about Shephard’s apparel, there’s nothing much ‘on show’ at all. Morgan shows off more on a sunny day.

Reid responded to the Express story with the incredulity it deserved.

The comical ‘CLEAVAGE: Susanna left little to the imagination on show today’ headline was met with Reid quite rightly responding: ‘I’m imagining you’d still have to use a considerable amount of imagination @Daily_Star’

It seems many agreed. A cold shower or two may be needed on Fleet Street to stop horny hacks acting like dogs on heat.