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01st Aug 2019

We put Croc Gloves on our favourite superheroes because fashion is for everyone

Ciara Knight

It is with a heavy heart we must announce that Crocs are at it again

Youtuber channel ‘Unnecessary Inventions‘ has created something so sick, so sinister, so repulsive that the world itself may never be the same again. Introducing: Crocs Gloves.

Just in case the above video confuses you in any way, let me be very clear. These sickos have created GLOVES made out of CROCS.

Perfect for gardening, barbecuing, casual wear, formal wear and simply letting everyone around you know that a true fashionista is in their midst.

Naturally, I’ve added these disgraceful implements to the hands of some superheroes because I thought it would be funny. Thankfully, it kind of is.

Behold, here’s what superheroes would look like with Croc gloves. Marvel, DC, call me.



Iron Man

Wonder Woman



Captain America