Sorry Oasis fans - Noel Gallagher kills off reunion rumours 7 years ago

Sorry Oasis fans - Noel Gallagher kills off reunion rumours

We're sorry to have to bring you this news, Oasis fans...

Especially after it looked like Gallagher brothers Liam and Noel had patched things up, paving the way for a reunion of their legendary Britpop band.


But fans of the 90s heroes might have to put their Cigarettes and Alcohol on ice...for now at least.

Noel has sadly scotched the rumours, and Some Might Say they are dead in the water (sorry, not sorry).

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The High Flying Birds front man said his brother was probably behind the news that the pair had made a 'gentleman's agreement' to get the band back together.

He told Rolling Stone: "He's being a bit disingenuous to Oasis fans in the sense that he always gets their hopes up.

"There was a rumour last week that we've had a gentleman's agreement, but that rumour's come from his people.

"It's a 'source close to him', and I'll tell you how close it is: She probably wakes up with him every morning.


"It's always left to me in an interview to let the kids down. People say, 'You're breaking these kids' hearts.' Well, what the f**k, man?"

Noel then put yet another nail in the Oasis coffin on Alan Carr Chatty Man, saying: "It's not going to happen. No, I can't be arsed."

Why won't you just Acquiesce, Noel?

(H/T: NME)