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12th Apr 2017

Someone had a full-on rave in a London Tube carriage and obviously the police got involved

Next station: Drum & Bass

Rich Cooper

You expect to see the occasional oddity on the Tube, but a full-on rave is on another level.

Londoners were surprised when they got on the Bakerloo line to find a Tube carriage decked out for a rave.

YouTube pranksters Trollstation temporarily took over the carriage, setting up everything you’d need for a bit of drum & bass, complete with sound system, lights and even an MC .

The video shows bewildered Londoners looking on, with many of them getting involved, having a dance and, well, raving.

Things shift up a gear when MC Harry Shotta steps up to the mic. Shotta broke the Guinness World Record for getting the most words into a song in 2016, and doesn’t hold back when he takes over.

Then, the inevitable happens: the police turn up. However, they’re super cool about the whole situation and there’s no conflict. Despite the audience boos, Trollstation agree to wrap things up. Really, they were lucky to get this far.

They say people in London won’t talk or even look at each other on public transport, but they clearly don’t mind getting their rave on together.