Six hilarious moments from last night's GBBO 1 year ago

Six hilarious moments from last night's GBBO

Week 5 - Spice!!!

*SNL's Stefon voice* Last night's GBBO had everything - Spices, biscuits, bakes, cakes, chandeliers, MTV's Dan Cortese...

The bakers took to the tent in a bid to survive the double-culling that was promised after nobody was sent home last week.

Overall, last night's GBBO was gripping, tense, emotional, and as ever, unintentionally hysterical.

Here's six moments that were HiLaRiOuS, depending on your sense of humour.

1. Ruby set the standard for the last night's puns with a shocking start

It wouldn't be GBBO without a borderline uncomfortable amount of bad puns included in proceedings. Last night's episode got off to a rousing start when Ruby presented the blueprints of her first bake, which was called 'Ruby's Jamaican Me Crazy Ginger Cake'. For clarity, she has used the word 'Jamaican' instead of 'You're making'. It's a very clever piece of wordplay and at the precise level of offence that we've come to expect from GBBO. She should've just called it Ginger Cake, tbh.


2. Rahul apologised for being such a good baker (again)

Paul again professed his love for Rahul, which resulted in a handshake that very possibly caused Rahul to experience something close to happiness. Paul jokingly said that it was annoying how good Rahul is at baking every week. Rather than taking the blatant compliment and using it to boost his levelled disposition, Rahul again apologised for being so annoyingly good at baking. This man is so precious, there are 60 men down a hole in Guatemala trying to mine something of a similar ilk for maximum profit.


3. Kim-Joy proved herself to be the greatest comedy writer of our generation

Carmel Ginger's house. On number 11 Peartree Lane in Walnutville. But what is the postcode? DE1 1SH, like DELISH, but with numbers added in instead of letters. Cancel comedy workshops, burn down comedy clubs, close all comedy writers' rooms, we've found all we need. Kim-Joy from GBBO 2018 is the greatest comedy writer alive. Not only did she bake an impeccable cake that was rewarded with a golden Hollywood handshake, she has also proven herself to be a true comedian when it comes to imaginary gingerbread house addresses.


4. Prue was off sick, but only eagle-eyed viewers would've noticed

Due to feeling "under the weather", Prue failed to turn up for the showstopper challenge on last night's GBBO. It was only the most eagle-eyed viewers who would've noticed, however, as Noel played the part expertly in such trying circumstances. This begs the question, who plays the role of Prue Leith better - Noel Fielding or Prue Leith? The answer is obviously Noel Fielding, but Prue will finish out the rest of the series as per the conditions of her contract.


5. Terry's Christmas biscuit chandelier told the heartwarming tale of animal abuse and murder

All of the bakers were tasked with the utterly batshit task of having to construct a chandelier out of biscuits. Regrettably, nobody took the bait of making one devoted to the search engine 'Bing', calling it Chandelier Bing, which showed an infuriating lack of innovation on the bakers' behalves. Terry's showstopper didn't quite go to plan, with a scene depicting animals undergoing abuse and a woman being hanged by the stomach ending up in the final display. He was sent home on the grounds of being far too dark for pre-watershed television. I liked it though.


6. Karen was overjoyed when she heard that she'd be leaving GBBO

Gripping the hand of Terry like a proud wife emerging from the church on her wedding day, Karen opted to see the good in being sent home from GBBO during last night's double elimination. She smiled, she laughed, she even tried to kiss Noel Fielding on the mouth. Now she will return to her job of dressing like the stock model on the cover of a French schoolbook. Baking will remain as a fond pastime, but her heart must return to promoting conjugations of French verbs. Godspeed Karen, and Godspeed Terry. We will never forget you.



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