Simpsons fans will love Kelsey Grammer's Halloween costume 5 years ago

Simpsons fans will love Kelsey Grammer's Halloween costume

Everyone's got their favourite Simpsons character, and they can be divided more or less into three groups.

You've got the regulars, like Simpsons family members, Springfield Elementary students and staff, and pillars of the community like Chief Wiggum, Apu or Moe.


At the other end of the scale are the one-off stars, who dominate single episodes to the point you won't forget their fleeting appearances. Lyle Lanley. Hank Scorpio. Mindy Simmons. You know the drill.

Somewhere in the middle, you have those characters whose appeal comes from the fact that they show up repeatedly but not too much. And one of our favourites in this category is Sideshow Bob.


During the show's golden age, the character - voiced by Frasier star Kelsey Grammer - appeared in fewer than a dozen episodes and stole the show in each one. He would crop up again and again as The Simpsons has carried on for season after season, but let's not talk about that.

For many, his crowning moment involved him stepping on a succession of rakes, while his campaign for election as Springfield mayor was pure evil genius.

Hell, he's even a huge musical theatre aficionado, reeling off the entirety of HMS Pinafore in one fell swoop.

Robert Underdunk Terwilliger is one of TV's finest villains, and goes down as one of Grammer's career-defining roles alongside Dr Frasier Crane.


Which is why we were instantly won over by the actor's choice of Halloween costume.

Not only is the hair and yellow face paint spot on, but it's good to see that the 61-year-old didn't phone in the rest of the outfit.


All of Bob's trademarks are there - green t-shirt, blue trousers and brown shoes.

It's tough to see from here, but we hope the shoes were big enough to accommodate the character's unusually large feet. And of course we trust that he got 'Die Bart Die' tattooed on his chest in preparation.

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