Siblings or Dating: the weirdest Instagram account on the planet 9 months ago

Siblings or Dating: the weirdest Instagram account on the planet

Funny or horrifying, we can't decide?

For this lockdown (I've lost count as to which one it is) we've been looking for fresh ways to entertain ourselves.


During the first lockdown it was all about virtual quizzes, baking banana bread and the millennials discovering TikTok, but that's not going to suffice this time so we've done some deep research to find you something that will eat up hours of your day.

Instagram account Siblings or Dating is the rabbit hole that we may have needed to fall down but we're not so sure we want to be here.

The account is filled with pictures of couples who look alike, and you the follower are presented with the simple question: are they siblings or are they dating?


At first I didn't know if the account actually revealed which is which but they I noticed the swipe options on the photos and oh my god, some of the results were truly upsetting.

I know there have definitely been couples that I've met in real life (remember the before times when we could do that?) that I've had to do a double take on.


There was one couple in particular that I knew from college who looked the spitting image of each other and I wondered if anyone in their families ever thought it was weird. Now when I say spitting image I mean they could have been twins, but hey, the heart wants what it wants I guess.

Honestly, I don't know how long I spent scrolling through the images going 'nah they have to be related'.


Is it the most high brow way to spend your time? Absolutely not. But there's only so much bread you can bake and books you can read. Sometimes you just want to guess whether people are siblings or dating.