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18th May 2019

San Marino’s Eurovision representative has more lookalikes than anyone, ever

Simon Lloyd

We are San Marino fans now

Eurovision 2019 is up and running, and the continent didn’t have to wait too long for its first true star to emerge.

Serhat, a Turkish-born dentist representing San Marino, was an instant success when he appeared on Saturday night… Perhaps not so much for his song, ‘Say Na, Na, Na,’ which was shit, but for the fact that he seemed to have more look-a-likes than literally anyone, ever.

Throughout his performance and  for a good while after it, plenty of viewers took to Twitter to say who Serhat reminded them of. There was quite a variety.

There were comparisons to the president of Amazon


Half of Right Said Fred

Dominic Littlewood

Eric Cantona

Even fucking *Wagner*

And many, many more…