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26th Oct 2015

Rapper embarrasses himself on Twitter with cringeworthy exchange


On Sunday, American rapper A$AP Ferg announced that his next album will be called ‘Always Strive and Prosper’.

Another way of describing the follow up to his 2013 debut LP Trap Lord would be to call it a forthcoming album. Because ‘forthcoming’ obviously means ‘coming next’ or ‘imminent’. We all know that, right?

Wrong. It seems A$AP is unaware of the definition and proved so in very embarrassing fashion on social media to wholescale amusement.

When Michell C. Clark, founder of Artistic Manifesto, included Mr Ferg in a tweet stating ‘@ASAPferg announces the name of his forthcoming album…’ followed by a link, the rapper wasn’t impressed.

‘Second’ he replied, rather unimpressed with Clark’s lack of research. Clearly perturbed that he’d got something wrong, Clark asked for clarification as to his error.

‘You said fourth coming album it’s only the second’ responded A$AP curtly.

Maybe buy a dictionary ASAP, A$AP…

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