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03rd Apr 2018

Quiz: Match the thirsty YouTube comments to the videos they appear under

Whomst would the commenter like to choke them, Daddy?

Ciara Knight

YouTube comments are an absolute goldmine.

Far too many times I’ve been enjoying an instructional video detailing how to get the most out of a toothpaste tube, when my eyes wander down into the comments section to see ‘CHOKE ME DADDY’ or ‘I WISH MY GIRLFRIEND SQUEEZE ME LIKE THAT’, etc.

It’s extremely triggering and I need it to stop before my innocent little eyes see something really inappropriate, like a distasteful comment about the colour of Shrek’s bodily fluids (again).

To take my mind off the horrors I’ve witnessed, I decided to put together a quiz to see how well you know your thirsty YouTube commenters’ habits.

Best of luck!