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01st Apr 2022

PlayStation users are statistically the fittest gamers – and they claim they can do 30 pull ups in a minute

Danny Jones

PlayStation players are the fittest gamers

Calm down, Brad Pitt, we mean physically

PlayStation owners, a survey has found, are the fittest of all gamers.

A poll of 1000 gamers by Buzz Bingo, found that those who favoured PlayStations, hit the gym the most, 45 per cent working out at least once a week and some up to five times.

Xbox users came in second on 28.1 per cent, followed by mobile gamers on 9.6 per cent and Nintendo Switch players on 8.6 percent. Meanwhile, just eight per cent of the ‘PC Master Race‘ said they make it to the gym in a week.

To break down PS5 and PS4 players supposed athletic supremacy in more detail, the research found that those faithful to Sony consoles were the strongest, engaging in more traditional, weight-based training.

As well as pull-ups and push-ups with a respective 58.33 and 51.56 per cent of the player base engaging in them regularly, they also had the greatest proclivity towards planks (43.84%) and sit-ups (43.77%).

However, while PS players also dominated squats and deadlifting – 49.46 per cent and 49.26 per cent, respectively – it was the Switch brigade that was most inclined towards the deadlift, with 75.39 per cent taking up the exercise at least once a week.

According to the findings, nearly 60 per cent of PS players said they could do more than 30 pull-ups in a minute compared to just five per cent of Switch gamers. Moreover, those planking could reportedly hold one for over three minutes. Xbox players were second at 28.08 per cent.

Obviously, there’s no way of knowing how honest the gamers being polled were about their own athletic prowess, but the full results can be viewed here.

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