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24th Apr 2019

Pingu mixed with Game of Thrones subtitles is the most important content you’ll see today

Game of Pingus?

Ciara Knight

Game of Pingus? (working title)

Some say that Infinity War was the ambitious crossover in history, but that was long before this pinnacle of extremely online content was conceived.

Pingu, beloved Swiss-British stop-motion clay animation TV series, has finally met its match in the form of Game of Thrones, a fantasy drama series about, from what I can gather, incest and dying.

It makes perfect sense to marry the two, especially when you consider that the planet is literally dying so nothing we do really matters all that much anymore anyway.

So, here’s what Pingu with Game of Thrones subtitles would look like, just in case you were curious.

**Bonus image**

Sleep well x

Images via YouTube