GMB guest calls Piers Morgan a 'liar and a disgrace' for Meghan Markle comments 1 year ago

GMB guest calls Piers Morgan a 'liar and a disgrace' for Meghan Markle comments

The highly anticipated Oprah interview aired last night in the United States

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has been branded a "liar and a disgrace" by a guest on today's show, in response to comments made about Harry and Meghan.


Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu was invited on the show to discuss the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah Winfrey.

There were a number of startling admissions made in the two-hour prime-time interview that aired Sunday night on CBS.

Meghan said members of the royal family had "concerns and conversations about how dark his [their son Archie's] skin might be".


Oprah was left visibly stunned, and while Meghan said concerns were relayed to Harry, they declined to name the family member because of how "damaging" the claim is.

Meghan said there have been several conversations with "family" on the topic.

The pair were asked by Oprah if these were "about how dark your baby is going to be?"

Meghan responded: "Potentially, and what that would mean or look like."


"They were concerned that if he were too brown, that that would be a problem?" Oprah asked.

"I wasn't able to follow up with why," said Meghan, "but if that's the assumption you're making, I think that feels like a pretty safe one."

GMB host Piers Morgan has long been critical of Harry and Meghan, particularly the latter. He has tweeted about her over 57 times in recent weeks.

TV bosses called on women's rights activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu to appear on today's show.


She tore into Morgan from the outset. As the camera first cut to her, she immediately targeted Morgan: "You are such a liar and a disgrace!"

Piers responded: "You trash me every time you come on."

Dr Mos-Shogbamimu would not let the host interrupt her.


"Let me finish!" she said.

"You bring up coverage about Harry and Meghan when they got married and engaged, but you conveniently forget the other coverage.

"By all means let's applaud the Queen when she does something right, but also let's talk about when she does something wrong."

Piers took offence to the Queen being dropped into conversation as he responded with "I think what you just said about the Queen is disgusting."

"I think you are disgusting!" quipped Dr Mos-Shogbamimu.

The back and forth continued for several minutes, and became particularly focussed on comments made about the ethnicity of Harry and Meghan's child Archie.

Piers said "We don't know the context of this supposed racism", but Dr Mos-Shogbamimu disagreed.

"People like you will continue to lie about them. You lie about them every single day!"

Not one to let someone else have the last word, Piers butted in with "I don't lie about them, I see straight through them!"