Piers Morgan hits out at 'woke brigade' over Snow White 'non-consensual' kiss outrage 5 months ago

Piers Morgan hits out at 'woke brigade' over Snow White 'non-consensual' kiss outrage

Guess who's back?

Piers Morgan has once again thrown his two cents into the ring following the recent non-consensual kiss debate that was sparked by a guest on the 56-year-old's former show, Good Morning Britain.


After a guest said that the Disney classic, Snow White, promoted non-consensual kissing, social media was up in arms on both sides of the coin, with many agreeing whilst plenty of others suggested it was taking 'woke' culture too far. During the segment, therapist, Emiliana Silvestri, was praised for dismissing the notion, saying predators are not influenced Snow White etc.

That being said, as you know, if wokeness is mentioned, it doesn't take long for Piers to pop his head up and he quickly took to Twitter to ask to denounce another action by the "woke brigade":

Morgan also went on to write a column on the supposed controversy for The Daily Mail, in which he points out that there are much bigger concerns at large, such as COVID-19 and its impact on the economy and "basic freedoms".

Morgan's attempt at fair comment quickly turns into his favourite pastime: devising laborious diatribes against people trying to be more accountable (however true or not their aim may be) and simply slapping the 'woke' label on it.


He describes "wokies" as having "hearts of Graphene - a hexagonal carbon lattice that is the world's strongest and most impregnable material - towards anyone that doesn't conform to their intransigently intolerant joyless view of life".

He then goes on to remind readers that "Snow White didn't exist, and nor did the Prince, the wicked Queen, or any of the Seven Dwarves. So, there's nothing sinister about any of this, unless your mind is so utterly twisted by the demented desire to be offended by absolutely everything that you've taken leave of your senses".

He then goes on to close out his piece by saying: "You're pathetic & exhausting, and nobody in the real world agrees with you – about anything. I send this advice with a non-consensual kiss in the hope it saves you from an otherwise slow, agonising woke death. Mwah."

It must be said, we really did not think we'd ever see this level of debate over Snow White.