Pete Doherty opens up about taking drugs 6 years ago

Pete Doherty opens up about taking drugs

Pete Doherty says he always realises "five seconds too late" life is better without drugs.

The Libertines rocker - who is currently clean following his most recent stint in rehab - admits it's always hard not to give into temptation, even when he knows he is repeating his mistakes.


He said: "I was gonna say, 'The problem is' but it's not a problem ... The dilemma is life is better without it. It's just understanding that and remembering that, in those moments when you feel the need.

"If you succumb, five seconds later you realise it's too late and you're just going through the same motions.

"That's why it's a disease, it's an abnormality, a malfunction of the brain. It's like skiing down the same path so many times that you're no longer capable of going in any other direction."

The frontman also admitted his habit has caused many problems in his life.

He told Q magazine: "Financially it's f***ing expensive, but in other ways that's just as well because it'll cost you your health, your teeth, all your loved ones, your family, your children..."