Personality Quiz: Which CBB finalist are you? 2 years ago

Personality Quiz: Which CBB finalist are you?

I'm An Apprentice Celebrity Big Brother That's Got Talent On Ice, Get Me Out Of Here!

We're finally nearing the end of another lengthy series of Celebrity Big Brother.

But we're not quite out of the woods yet. There's still some more earth-shattering #content to be made.

Have you ever, go with me on this, wondered which CBB 2018 contestant you were most similar to? Me neither, tbh.

Regardless, what you need to do right now is answer ten highly scientific questions which will tell you precisely which CBB housemate you are.

Then, safe in the knowledge of your most accurate celebrity counterpart, you may continue with your daily business until your impending mortality eventually catches up with you.

Best of luck!







All images via Channel 5