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07th Dec 2017

People spotted a very clever Jamie Vardy reference on Peaky Blinders last night

Paul Moore

The show just keeps on getting better.

Aside from Polly’s cryptic black star to Tommy and the triumphant return of Alfie Solomons, there was plenty of other things for Peaky Blinders fans to get stuck into during the most recent episode.

For example, we got to see Arthur confronting his violent past, an old flame visiting Tommy and two setpieces that were brimming with tension and violence.

All things considered, it’s only natural that a few small details were missed but for football fans, there was a very cool blink-and-you-miss-it Easter Egg.

Cast your mind back to the scene when Tommy, May, and Lizzie are having that very tense discussion in the main office. After May leaves, we see Packy Lee taking a few bets at the bookies before the focus of the scene switches to Polly and her tense phone call with Luca Changretta.

It’s clear that Polly is living on the edge throughout this season and that’s something that you could also say about Jamie Vardy’s style of play.

In Peaky Blinders, we’ve mainly seen the Shelbys concentrating their efforts towards horseracing but it’s clear that someone at the show is a fan of the Leicester City and England striker.

‘Grace’s Secret’ might be Tommy’s favourite horse, but we reckon ‘Vardy’s Party’ is a decent bet for that race at Cheltenham.

We wonder if the Peaky Blinders will say “chat shit get banged” in the next few episodes? We’ll wait and see!

Take a look at No.6 on the board.

Here’s a closer look:

The odds for “Vardy’s Party” are 5000/1, which were Leicester City’s odds to win the title at the start of the 2015/16 season, when they won the Premier League.