Peaky Blinders fans think they've figured out Aunt Polly's plan for Tommy 1 year ago

Peaky Blinders fans think they've figured out Aunt Polly's plan for Tommy

The Black Star is very important.

As always, if you haven't seen the most recent episode of Peaky Blinders, consider this to be your spoiler alert.

Again, look away now.

Why do the creators of Peaky Blinders keep doing this to us? Leaving every episode on a superb cliffhanger and forcing fans to count the minutes until the next episode airs!

In an episode that felt like the walls were closing in on every character, it was very unnerving to see that for once, Tommy's plan didn't succeed.

After the Peaky Blinders did their very best to corner the Mafia and bottleneck them into an alleyway shootout, Changretta's men were one step ahead of them in Birmingham. Hands up if you felt that Michael was done for as Luca burst open that hospital door?

This being said, the Shelbys did gain a measure of revenge as Aberama Gold's men got the drop on the Mafia in a clever ambush attack.

Blood was shed but two mysteries remain, what's going to happen with Tommy now that he's being pursued by the Mafia and as we stated previously, which side is Aunt Polly playing for?

After making a deal with the devil, will Polly actually give up Tommy in exchange for the security of the remaining Shelby family?

As you may have seen, Polly took a keen interest in Tommy's diary and ordered Lizzie to ensure that he keeps a particular Friday free - the day that he's marked for death, or is he?

Polly carefully marked that date with a black star but there's a hidden meaning behind the mark.

As you may remember, Black Star Day was the day in which the Peaky Blinders gang betrayed and took down Billy Kimber and his Italian gang in the very first season.

During that episode, Tommy tells Grace to mark Black Star Day on the calendar while she is looking after their books. Grace, being undercover, presents this information to Inspector Campbell, who in turn makes sure that his policemen inform Billy Kimber of the planned betrayal.

This leads to Kimber's gang arriving in front of The Garrison to Tommy's surprise. They were instead supposed to be at the Worcester Races, where Kimber's men were supposed to be ambushed by the Peaky Blinders and the Lee family.

Despite the fact that Kimber has more men and weapons, the Peaky Blinders have a single large machine gun amongst them that Inspector Campbell was unable to retrieve. Kimber is ultimately defeated when Tommy shoots him in the head.

Given the link between the black star and betrayal, plenty of people think that this was Polly's way of warning Tommy. Is she about to renege on her deal with Luca?

We'll find out next week.