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20th Dec 2017

People lost their damned minds watching the series finale of Peaky Blinders

Rory Cashin

Things are far from over, as they seem to be leading up to a pretty major character arriving in Season 5…

That was a bit of a roller-coaster, wasn’t it??


Back and forth dealings, some nods towards the greatest gangster of all time, which means we might be seeing the arrival of Al Capone himself for Season 5.

But before all of that, we had to deal with the death and then the “SOZLOL he’s actually fine!” resurrection of Arthur, and the viewers were SHOOK.

And then…


They only went and killed Tom Hardy’s character, Alfie.

He kinda deserved it for betraying Tommy, who was lucky to survive that assassination attempt, but still.

They paired Tom Hardy with a giant hug of a dog, so killing him in these circumstances was enough to send the already shook viewers into a shaken frenzy right off their couches.

Plus we got a release date for that now hugely anticipated Season 5.