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30th May 2017

People are very excited as House of Cards returns for a fifth season

It's back

Alan Loughnane

It’s taking every fibre of our being not to binge watch it all right now.

We assume that there’s many people taking a holiday day from work today to coincide with the release of one of the biggest TV series on the planet.

Yes folks, the new season of House of Cards is on Netflix today and became available on the streaming platform at 8am this morning.

Remember the time when Frank Underwood was the probably the most terrifying political figure you could imagine? Well, that may no longer be the case for a lot of people, but we still imagine the series will be utterly brilliant.

We return this season to see if Frank can maintain his grip on the presidency with Claire as his running mate.

It looked like it was all over for the power couple in the last series when journalist Tom Hammerschmidt published an article detailing the various shenanigans of the Underwoods and their path to the White House.

But then, Claire had an idea to distract the public and Frank was only too happy to agree, so he gave the speech where they basically declared war on terrorism.

The season ended with the pair watching an execution of an American citizen and the pair have very little reaction other than to ask for the sound to be turned off.

Frank and Claire then turn to the camera (the first time she does so) and Frank states: “That’s right: We don’t submit to terror. We make the terror.”

How could you not be excited for the new season after that? The answer, everybody is losing their sh*t over the show coming back.