People are praising Netflix's new documentary as 'the best true crime show' ever 8 months ago

People are praising Netflix's new documentary as 'the best true crime show' ever

"Better than Making A Murderer." Prepare to be addicted.

As soon as we first heard the synopsis for Evil Genius, we knew that Netflix were about to unleash something special but after the first positive reviews emerged, the word of mouth has only spread further.

Truth be told, it's incredibly simplistic to say that something is 'the new Making A Murderer/The Jinx/West of Memphis etc' but in strictly narrative terms, that comparison isn't apt here because the case that's depicted in Evil Genius is so utterly bizarre, complex and macabre.

Without giving too much away, it all starts when a man named Brian Wells walks into a bank with a homemade collar bomb that's locked around his neck.

The pizza delivery man shows a note to the teller, asks for $250,000 and tries to flee. After being apprehended by the police, Brian tells them that he has been forced into committing this crime and after the authorities discover a litany of sinister notes and instructions, a perverse scavenger hunt to find the real culprit begins.

As things develop, we're introduced to the two central characters. The complex, cold and chilling Bill Rothstein and his ex-fiancée Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong.

Rather than simplify things, the documentary then throws two more murders into the investigation including that of Marjorie's boyfriend, James Roden.

What unfolds is one of the most addictive documentaries that you'll see. Truth be told, it's an experience that's unlike any other and plenty of people agree.