People are pissed at Minnie Mouse wearing a pantsuit - the internet has peaked 4 months ago

People are pissed at Minnie Mouse wearing a pantsuit - the internet has peaked

Everyone is definitely having a mature, sensible discussion about it

It would seem that social media is once again in uproar over something utterly immaterial and inconsequential. In other news, water is wet, death, taxes and so on.


After classic Disney character Minnie Mouse's new look was debuted for Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary, many online are seemingly infuriated that the imaginary cartoon character made for children has swapped her skirt for a pantsuit.


Created by iconic fashion designer Stella McCartney, the one-off look is part of the theme parks' anniversary festivities and there has also been no suggestion as yet that her old look - a red and white polka dot dress - is gone forever.

Nevertheless, people are incensed by the outfit overhaul and are predictable making it a political issue, as opposed to just a simple character redesign done for entirely promotional purposes.


I repeat: people are pissed at a cartoon mouse - none more so than Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson and political commentator Candace Owens, who went so far as to say "they're trying to destroy the fabric of our society":


That being said, the other half of the internet is having a ball laughing at the ridiculousness of it all and plenty of others have flagged the 'outrage' as "just plain Goofy". Nicely done.

Moreover, as plenty of other people have pointed out, women wear pants and, believe or not, Minnie Mouse has done so many times before herself; in fact, she does so regularly on the global corporation's own cruise lines, no less:

As if it needed saying whatsoever, there are much more important things to be worrying about than a fictional children's character wearing pants.

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