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23rd Jun 2018

People are convinced there’s a ‘curse’ inside the Love Island villa

James Dawson

Adam Collard – breaker of hearts, crusher of Z-list celeb dreams

Last night another of Adam’s Love Island pair ups bit the dust, as Rosie Williams was booted out of the villa, in favour of new girl Zara. It follows on from the notorious Uncoupling of Kendall Rae-Knight By The Snake Adam Collard incident in the first week of the show.

Obviously, we all know Adam’s a complete shithouse by now – it doesn’t need much analysis why the chose the new girl over her, he’s just that guy, isn’t he? – but the fact Rosie and Kendall have both left the show has sparked a theory that the villa’s #1 snake is quite literally the source of a curse on the island.

The theory goes that any girl who pairs up with him is likely to have a short stint on the series and therefore less of a chance of anyone remembering who they are in six months time. One Twitter even went as far as to suggest that the island needs to be ‘exorcised’.

Elsewhere in the show, it looks like Danny Dyer’s eponymous daughter could be in for a shock as Jack’s ex-girlfriend could be entering Love Island in the coming week.

Although it’s not 100% certain it will go ahead a Love Island spokesperson confirmed that Keeley MacGuire, who used to go out with Jack, has applied for the show but added that “any names are at this point pure speculation”.