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26th May 2016

People are calling Alesha Dixon “racist” for her comments on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

First Dec, now Alesha.

Cathy Donohue

It has not been a great week for off-the-cuff remarks during this week’s live Britain’s Got Talent finals.

Earlier, Declan Donnelly came under criticism from viewers for a comment directed at girl group Zyrah Rose, and now attention has turned to judge Alesha Dixon.

Commenting on Vox Fortura’s performance last night, Alesha was full of praise for the “sensational” singers , whom she referred to as “sexy chocolate men”.

The pop star couldn’t say enough good things, describing them as “polished to perfection”, but the word “chocolate” has been interpreted as racially charged by some people who expressed their annoyance on Twitter.

Not everyone was offended by the comment though:

And indeed, the guys in question – Vox Fortura – don’t seem to have a problem with what she said:

To which Dixon replied: