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22nd Mar 2017

Peaky Blinders fans can now visit the actual locations where it’s filmed

Any Peaky Blinders lovers fancy a road trip?

Over the course of three seasons, Peaky Blinders fans have seen plenty of drama on the streets of Birmingham in the 1920s.

From the very first shot of Tommy (Cillian Murphy) striding through the town on horseback to the shadowy street corners where Inspector Campbell would put the squeeze on the Shelby gang, Steven Knight’s show has used some memorable locations and backdrops.

All this without even mentioning one of our favourite on-screen pubs, The Garrison.

As you may know, the show is actually filmed in Liverpool and fans of the show can now get a detailed guide of the locations, courtesy of Julie Kershaw, a qualified Blue Badge Guide and the world’s biggest Peaky Blinders fan.

So, what do you see? On this tour of Liverpool, you’ll get to see all the sites where Peaky Blinders was filmed within the city’s boundaries.

For example, this includes the location where the Shelbys grew up and have their bookies operation, Stanley Dock which doubled up as Garrison Lane in post-war Birmingham, Ada’s house and the site where John Selby set off the bomb among many others.

If you’re a massive Peaky Blinders fan and fancy a road trip, this could be just the think for you.