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21st Jul 2018

Paul from Love Island was once in a Britney Spears video

Wil Jones

Paul entered the villa on day 43

We’re getting to point in this year’s Love Island where there have been so many contestants that we’re losing track of them. Jack and Dani are the stars, obviously, no-one can believe that Alex is still there, there is Josh and Kaz. But as it goes on, they keep adding in new boys and girls, some of whom only hang around for a few days.

Anyway, if you’re struggling to keep up, new boy Paul entered the villa this week. On Friday night’s show, he revealed that he once kissed Britney Spears.

He then quickly gave the context that it was in a music video.

Yes, just like how Eyal was in the video for Zara Larsson’s “Lush Life” before going on the show, Paul had also played the hunky love interest in a pop promo. In this case it was Britney Spears’ 2016 hit “Make Me”.

After the reveal, people on Twitter freaked out a bit.

“Make Me” was from Britney’s ninth studio album, Glory, and featured rapper G Eazy.