Pat Butcher tried a bunch of weed on telly last night and it was glorious 11 months ago

Pat Butcher tried a bunch of weed on telly last night and it was glorious

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Somehow, by the grace of none other than God himself, ITV got the go-ahead to make a show that sees five celebrities travel to areas in the U.S. where marijuana is legal. By all accounts, they had a rollicking good time and learned what it's like to exist in a place where weed is part of everyday life.

Last night's episode was special, mostly because we got to see Pat Butcher (aka Pam St Clement) smoking a joint. She was joined by Linda Robson, Christopher Biggins, John Fashanu and Bobby George, but Pat Butcher was the real standout star of the show.

Behold, the greatest televisual moment of 2017, thanks to ITV's 'Gone To Pot: American Road Trip'.

Pat Butcher referred to a dispensary's selection of baked goods as 'Waitrose on speed'


Pat Butcher, describing the people in the dispensary said "They could be in Sainsbury's back home. There's not a load of pot heads coming in here"



Pat Butcher gave a cheeky look to the camera when she successfully purchased a load of weed without question


After taking her first dose of medical marijuana, Pat Butcher announced that she was "ready to party"



Pat Butcher saw a bunch of nuns wielding some kind of smoking devices and excitedly said "BRILLIANT"


Pat Butcher, despite her fellow celebrities' refusal, SMOKED A JOINT WITH A LOAD OF NUNS


Please enjoy this gif that I have made of Pat Butcher lacing into a joint, aka the greatest television moment of 2017



Pat Butcher then went in for a second drag because she is an absolute boss bitch


Look at how she holds it. Pat Butcher is a pro


Pat Butcher continued her escapades by smoking some more weed, then painting a cactus





Then Pat Butcher got an uncontrollable fit of the giggles 



Pat Butcher restrained herself when an old lady cooked them some food with marijuana in it because she had already given us so much


Then Pat Butcher finished the episode by quietly enjoying the after effects on Biggins post gorging himself on everything in sight


Friends, we have a new hero in town and that hero is Pat Butcher



All images via ITV