Salad Fingers has returned with a freaky new video 3 years ago

Salad Fingers has returned with a freaky new video

Still creepy as hell

Long before the Internet became a place where people just started to shout at each other, upload pictures of their food, or spend hours watching TV, one of the first clips to go viral - before going viral was really a thing - was the animation of David Firth.


His disturbing and surreal cartoons quickly gained a cult following and one figure stands out from the rest, his signature creation: the terrifying weirdo Salad Fingers.

Do you like rusty spoons?

Yep, pure nightmare fuel.


Well, to celebrate the fact that Firth has now reached one million subscribers to his YouTube channel, the animator has marked this milestone in the best way possible, by getting Salad Fingers to throw a birthday party that will haunt your dreams.

If this is a celebration, we don't want to see Salad Fingers when he's upset.

Take a look.


Clips via David Firth