Noel Edmonds' House Party is coming back with a 'modern twist' 11 months ago

Noel Edmonds' House Party is coming back with a 'modern twist'

This can only end well, right?

Deal or No Deal was axed all the way back in 2016 now, and Noel Edmonds has been plotting his revenge ever since.

Finally, his plot for vengeance has become clear: he wants to bring House Party back after 20 long years of Mr. Blobby lost in the wilderness.

The show was a success for the BBC in the 90s, even peaking at a quite astonishing 15 million viewers. The Crinkly Bottom shenanigans didn't make it to the millennium however, and the show was axed in 1999.

It is difficult to say whether anyone has actually thought about House Party that intensely since the giddy height of its popularity but clearly Noel has, and he is doing everything in his goatee-faced power to bring it back by preparing a pitch to seal the deal.

It may or may not contain a real-life gunge-ing of a TV executive, only time will tell.

A TV source has reported to The Sun that "Noel is involved in planning a pitch. He's open to the show being modernised, but the basic format worked - what’ why it’s so fondly remembered".