Night King actor says Game of Thrones villain has significant 'target he wants to kill' 2 years ago

Night King actor says Game of Thrones villain has significant 'target he wants to kill'

The interview provides some interesting information regarding the motivations of Game of Thrones' primary villain

Vladimir Furdik, the actor who plays Game of Thrones' Night King, has revealed for the first time that the villain has a specific "target he wants to kill".


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the return of Game of Thrones for its eighth and final season, the Slovakian actor - who plays the leader of the White Walkers in the show - was asked what fans can expect from the final season.

"People will see he has a target he wants to kill, and you will find out who that is," said Furdik, who replaced Richard Blake as the actor playing the Night King.

"There’s also that moment [in Hardhome, the eighth episode of season five] when Jon Snow was on the boat and the Night King looked at him and raised his arms — there’s a similar and even stronger moment between Jon and the Night King this time."

Though revealing no concrete details, Furdik's comments suggest officially for the first time that the Night King does in fact have motivations within the universe.


Game of Thrones fans - who always have time for a theory - have speculated about this very topic numerous times, with many wondering whether the Night King has a target, or if he is simply a malevolent force set on world domination.

The first official trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones was released this week, packed with enough characters and potential teasers to tide us all over until April 14.

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