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23rd Apr 2018

New teaser for Love Island 2018 released

Caroline and Iain are back with a vengeance

Kyle Picknell

Pack your bags, the island of love is calling

Love Island have dropped a brand new teaser for their upcoming new series, which is said to arrive on ITV2 “soon”. There is no official release date as of yet but the countdown has officially begun, with the very first look at the show being released yesterday.

What does it tell us?

Well, not much, really. Caroline and Iain are back, obviously, along with the personalised water bottles and ‘TEXT’ alert. There is rumoured to be significant chances to show this time round though, however, including sex rules, the inclusion of a reality TV star in the villa and plans for it to be the longest series ever.

ITV execs are also said to have included a clause in all of the new contestants’ contracts entitling them to a hefty 10% of their future earnings if they go on to become mildly famous after appearing on the show.

You know, like all those people from last year that everybody has quickly forgotten about.


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