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21st Nov 2022

New Netflix series finds evidence that will ‘demand a rewrite of history’

Steve Hopkins

‘If you have any respect for the work me and my colleagues do, you will not watch ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ on Netflix’

Netflix‘s newest series exploring lost civilisations and challenging history as we know it has unearthed a hot debate on social media.

The series, ‘Ancient Apocalypse’, dropped on Netflix earlier this month and sees journalist Graham Hancock investigate archaeological phenomenons, like the pyramids, and question if there’s more to the history of humans than  textbooks have taught us.

One guest on the show claims the evidence will “demand a rewrite of history as we know it”, but that’s not how everyone sees it – especially the experts in the field.

The show’s synopsis reads: “What if everything we know about prehistory is wrong? Journalist Graham Hancock visits archaeological sites around the world investigating if a civilisation far more advanced than we ever believed possible existed thousands of years ago.”

The series sees Hancock “picking a fight with academia”, as the trailer puts it, and suggests there is a lost, advanced civilisation of the ice age that we’ve completely forgotten about.

Some viewers loved the show and the theories it put forward: “The new Graham Hancock documentary on Netflix ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ is one of the most insightful documentaries ever. Susan perb [sic].”

Another said that it made them think of a loved one: “Watching #AncientApocalypse on Netflix. My dad would have absolutely loved this! He had his faults, but always encouraged me to think deeply, question everything, and keep an open mind. I credit him for all my weirdness. I miss our conversations.”

Other viewers were skeptical and a little scathing: “If you have any respect for the work me and my colleagues do, you will not watch ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ on netflix. It appears to be pseudoarchaeology and ego rolled together. The theories are soundly disproven by contemporary science, and the worldview is one of white supremacy.”

While another added: “Please rate #AncientApocalypse a thumbs down on Netflix to prevent them from making any more similar shows or additional episodes.”

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