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09th Jul 2018

New Love Island footage shows Georgia could be telling truth over kiss with Jack

James Dawson

People are divided

Cast your mind back to Friday night and a big weekend was ahead. You were nervous about whether England would make it past Sweden, as yet unaware that the government could soon begin falling apart, and it was all kicking off on Love Island.

Georgia. Jack. Who kissed who? There was an action replay, but the country remained divided.

Viewers were left asking whether Georgia who tried to kiss Jack, or Jack who tried to kiss Georgia, initially the reaction was that he went in for the kiss but then regretted it, and then she moved it for Kiss On The Lips 2.0.  But that appears to have been exposed as BS in new footage.

It was shown on Love Island: After Sun last night and you can watch it here…

This angle appears to show him pulling Georgia towards him and angling his face for the second kiss. What a shit reality-TV-constructed boyfriend.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about the whole thing…