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01st Jul 2017

New Game of Thrones battle beyond The Wall makes Hardhome look like ‘child’s play’

Paul Moore

The best action sequence in Game of Thrones looks set to be topped.

Given the fact that there were so many breathtaking sequences in the two trailers for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, it’s hard to think of one moment that we’re most excited about. This being said, the adrenaline was pumping whenever we saw Jon Snow lead an army of wildlings beyond The Wall.

Hell, we’ve even speculated about what that might involve, but whatever the reason is, this set-piece looks like it could be one of the best sequences in Season 7.

Game of Thrones fans will remember all to well what happened the last time that Jon Snow fought against the White Walker army. In fact, that epic episode at Hardhome still stands as the third highest rated episode in the show’s history.

Why wouldn’t it be? Two years on, the episode that’s directed by Miguel Sapochnik still stands as one of the greatest episodes in TV history because it’s arguably the finest 20 minutes in Game of Thrones history.

Ok, Battle of the Bastards is a better episode over the whole, but there’s no denying the sheer horror, adrenaline and breathtaking action that unfolded as the Night’s King finally saw Jon Snow in action.

Truth be told, the fact that Hardhome was episode 8 of Season 5 might have been a big factor because unlike Watchers on the Wall or Blackwater, we just weren’t ready for the carnage that unfolded. that’s usually reserved for the penultimate episode of every season.

White walkers, dragon glass, giants, zombie children, Valyrian steel, Jon kicking ass and the most epic staredown in TV history all ensued, but if you think that the action beyond The Wall can’t be topped, you’re in for a surprise.

Con of Thrones is currently underway and Paula Fairfield, sound designer on Game of Thrones, has said the action at Hardhome will be topped.