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04th Dec 2023

Netflix viewers disgusted after witnessing ‘unnecessary incest’ in new Christmas film

Joseph Loftus

‘The incest in Family Switch was NOT needed’

Netflix viewers have been left disgusted by a new Christmas film which has displayed what they are calling ‘unnecessary incest’.

The new film, ironically titled Family Switch, stars Jennifer Garner, Ed Helms, Emma Myers, and Brady Noon as a family that end up switching bodies with one another.

Think Freaky Friday in 2023.

The daughter finds herself in her mum’s body while the son finds himself in his dad’s body, and vice versa.

Admittedly this all seems pretty tame thus far. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done before.

That is until a specific moment in the film in which the two siblings get a little hands on. During the scene, the daughter who is now in her mum’s body, is joined by a group of friends at her house.

One of her friends tells the group that “couples need a minimum of 12 kisses a day to sustain a relationship”. Yup.

The daughter says that she and her husband kiss 14 times a day but her friends aren’t having it and demand that they put on a show for them.

While things are very awkward, the pair eventually end up kissing, to the delight of their onlooking friends.

Naturally some people thought the whole incest thing was a bit much for a Christmas film with one chap writing: “The incest in Family Switch was NOT needed.” Another wrote: “The random incest in Family Switch caught me so off guard.”

A third added: “Marks a real low point body-swap comedies as it steals from all others before it without compunction. But you can thank your lucky stars they don’t go for the lowest hanging fruit: incest jokes.

“Just kidding. Those are there. I had you.”

Will you be watching Family Switch this Christmas?

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