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19th Feb 2019

Netflix confirms You season two has entered production

Wil Jones

You was one of Netflix’s biggest surprise hits of 2018

A young bookstore manager named Joe (played by Gossip Girl and Easy A‘s Penn Badgley) falls in love with a customer named Beck (played by relative newbie Elizabeth Lail).

It seems like a cute enough set-up, except that Joe quickly becomes a little too obsessed with Beck, mostly without her knowledge, and goes about to attempt to improve her life in every way he sees fit… by whatever means necessary.

That is the set-up for You, a dark psychological thriller about a stalker and his victim that hit Netflix on Boxing Day.

The psychological thriller, based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, originally debuted on the Lifetime network on US television – but it did not become a phenomenon until the streaming service started showing it internationally.

Viewers became so enthralled with You and Joe Goldberg’s obsession that Netflix quickly snapped it up to produce a second season.

Now Netflix have posted some behind the scenes pictures from the season two table read, and as you might expect, it has got fans excited.

Penn Badgley and new star Victoria Pedretti can be seen going through dialogue for the new season. And if you zoom in really, really, really close on the scripts in the photos, you can probably make out some spoilers (maybe).

Season two is set to be based on Caroline Kepnes’ follow-up novel Hidden Bodies, which sees Joe move to LA to try and start his life over – but quickly falls into his old ways.

There’s no release date yet – but don’t start getting impatient about it, or that sassy Netflix Twitter account will shut you down.