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08th Sep 2015

Netflix commissions a third series of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror

Mirror, mirror...


Charlie Brooker named his drama series ‘Black Mirror’ as a metaphor for the reflective darkness of a television or mobile screen.

Well thanks to Netflix, more and more people will be glued to shiny glass to watch his creation. According to the Radio Times, the streaming service has commissioned a third series.

Fittingly for a show preoccupied with a dystopian vision of the future, it seems the drive for new episodes came not from online campaigns or fan furore, but Netflix’s analytics.

The show has become something of a sleeper hit in the US, with more and more Stateside fans discovering the wrought, nihilistic pleasures of the first two series.

Brooker said of the drama’s premise: “Most TV exists to reassure people – I wanted to make something that would unsettle them. It’s a worried show – it’s about the future but it’s a show worried about today.”

It certainly seems as though fans on both sides of the ocean have a fondness of the very dark and unsettling themes of the show.