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23rd Aug 2015

Mumford and Sons try to be badass during gig – end up injuring a female fan (Video)


“I really fu**ed it up this time”

The latest album from Mumford and Sons ‘Wilder Mind’ has seen the band move into the more classic rock ‘n’ roll territory as the banjos and waistcoats have been ditched in favour of a heavier guitar laden sound.

The band have been playing some of their new tracks during a recent tour of North America but it seems that they aren’t exactly as comfortable as the likes of Led Zeppelin or Metallica when it comes to perfecting the rock ‘n roll lifestyle.

TMZ captured this footage of Marcus Mumford hurling the mic stand into the crowd which, according to their sources, hit a woman right in the head.

Having seen this footage and the audiences instant reaction, it’s very likely that the lead singer might have caused some damage. Here’s hoping that she’s ok.