A movie documentary about Arsène Wenger and the Invincibles is in the works 9 months ago

A movie documentary about Arsène Wenger and the Invincibles is in the works

You won't want to say 'I did not see it'

Chances are you've spent a fair chunk of this year watching sporting documentaries on one of the many streaming services you pay for, especially during that horrible phase of lockdown in which no football happened anywhere. I certainly have. Diego Maradona, Take the Ball, Pass the Ball, Sunderland 'Til I Die, All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur, the list is endless.


If football docs are your cup of tea, then we've got great news for you: a 90 minute documentary film about Arsène Wenger and his invincible Arsenal side is in the works.

This morning it was announced that Noah Media Group and Federation Entertainment would be teaming up to produce Arsène Wenger: Invincible, 'the definitive documentary of a footballing pioneer, who changed the landscape of the English Premier League as we know it and achieved the impossible.'

Noah Media Group have recently released some other esteemed documentaries including More than a Manager, a film about the legendary Bobby Robson and The Edge, which documented the England cricket team's journey to being the best in the world.

Arsène Wenger: Invincible will be co-directed by Gabriel Clarke and Christian Jeanpierre, and will feature interviews with key figures from throughout Wenger’s career and interviews with some of the biggest names in world football, as well as from the fabled Gunners’ Invincible side of 2003/04, who to this day remain the only Premier League team to go an entire season unbeaten.

“This documentary highlights a very special period in my life & career," Wenger said.

"I have total confidence in the team & the production companies. Gabriel & Christian are probably the only directors who could persuade me to do this documentary! I will try to give the best of my memories & my life story!”


"This documentary will aim to do justice to an achievement that becomes more impressive with each passing season," Gabriel Clarke said.

"Thanks to Arsène’s trust and insight, we also aim to reveal the man behind the enigmatic, urbane and driven figure, obsessed with achieving perfection on the football field. Arsène Wenger left an unparalleled legacy to English football and Arsenal FC."

Unfortunately, we've got a long time to wait for it. The documentary will launch on Canal Plus in early 2022. But if it lives up to expectations, which it almost certainly will, it'll be worth it a hundred times over.