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12th Jun 2020

More shows removed from streaming services over use of blackface


A number of shows were removed from streaming sites in recent days

The League of GentlemenThe Mighty Boosh and a number of shows created by Chris Lilley have become the latest to be removed from major streaming platforms as companies consider how appropriate it is to make shows featuring the use of black and brownface acceptable.

Netflix have removed the incredibly popular The League of Gentlemen due to its character Papa Lazarou, a terrifying circus ringmaster who wears dark blackface.

The Mighty Boosh meanwhile has also been taken down from the platform due to characters like The Spirit of Jazz and Rudi, both of whom are depicted using black and brownface.

The decision by Netflix has been greeted with a mixed reaction by both critics and supporters. Many critics deem it to be political correctness taken to its most absurd end, while many of those who oppose the use of racial stereotypes claim that the removal is merely a gesture, and could prevent the entertainment industry from taking steps to real change.