Met Gala 2018: Who wore it best? 3 years ago

Met Gala 2018: Who wore it best?

The 70th annual Met Ball took place in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art last night. 

Themed 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination', the organisers left themselves wide open for a multitude of distasteful outfits to emerge, throwing the entire sanctity of the Met Gala and Catholicism into disarray.


Inevitably, some questionable looks were presented for all to see, but sadly nothing overly blasphemous appeared.

But who wore what, and more importantly, who wore it best?

You've got some questions to answer, sunshine.

Princess Beatrice or Barney?



Migos or Three Blind Mice?


Lynda Carter or Lady Liberty?



Cynthia Erivo or Keith Flint?



Kerry Washington or this man demonstrating the most effective way to use an emergency blanket?



Rihanna or Pope Francis?


Michelle Williams or a literal knight?


Sarah Jessica Parker or a mixed omelette?


Janelle Monae or a beekeeper?


Kylie Jenner or the little dork from Spy Kids?


Alessandro Michele, Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto or the Three Wise Men?