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04th Jan 2016

Making a Murderer fans vent a sh*tstorm of rage at the wrong American police department


Ben Kenyon

If you’ve seen explosive Netflix documentary ‘Making a Murderer’ you’re probably very angry right now.

You’re not alone. A wave of indignation is sweeping the internet over the fate of Wisconsin man Steven Avery who features in the hard-hitting documentary.

In case you haven’t a clue about it; Avery spent 18 years in jail after wrongfully being convicted of the sexual assault and attempted murder of a prominent local woman.

Avery was exonerated and was trying to sue for $36m when he was then accused of the murder of a freelance photographer.

The documentary has stirred up a lot of anger – and the Twitterati tried to vent it at the Sheriff’s office in Manitowoc.

But they aimed it at the Manitowoc Police Department, a completely different entity with no jurisdiction outside of the city itself.

The official MPD account repeatedly highlighted that it had no relation to the Sheriff’s department or anything to do with the convictions in the 10-part series with a series of tweets…

But they still didn’t stop the full force of the internet levelling all kinds of accusations at the poor bloke manning the Manitowoc Police Department Twitter account over Christmas…

There are more tweets here.