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01st Apr 2016

Maisie Williams could be one of the next X Men according to reports

Carl Anka

Game of Thrones fan favourite Maisie Williams could be the latest actress to pop up in a superhero film.

According to reports in Hitflix, Miss Arya Stark could soon be joining the X Men universe to rub shoulders with Charles Xavier’s fledglings.

X Men Apocalypse is still yet to hit your cinema screens, but work is already being done on sequel film New Mutants,  which will showcase the next generation of superhero stars. If these reports are any indication, then Maisie could be playing the mutant Wolfsbane, also known as Rahne Sinclair.

Wolfsbane’s power? Transforming into a wolf at will. Kind of fitting considering House Stark’s sigil is a direwolf in Game of Thrones.


Also rumoured to be cast in the New Mutants film is Anya Taylor-Joy, who allegedly will play Magik, aka Illya Rasputin and Colossus’ sister.

Directed by Josh Boone (the man behind ‘The Fault in your Stars’) New Mutants will see Storm lead the next generation of mutants. James McAvoy has already signed on to reprise his role as Charles Xavier.

Maisie Williams as a shapeshifting wolf in the X Men universe? If the reports are true, someone give the casting director a raise.