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11th Jun 2018

Love Island fans convinced Laura’s lying about her age after photo emerges

James Dawson

The Love Island truthers think they’ve blown the whole thing wide open

There have been a number of conspiracies about Love Island this year, in fact, Twitter’s been like a reality TV-obsessed off-shoot of the David Icke forum.

First people suggested that Jack and Dani knew one another before the show kicked off. Then Friday’s episode was described as a ‘fix’ by viewers. And now a new theory has emerged that Laura lied about her age to get on the show.

The evidence? A post posted to her Instagram a couple of years ago.

The photo shows a bottle of champagne, a cake with candles, and some balloons with ’30’ on them.

The caption reads: “Thank you for our cards Le Meridien #redeemedthemselves.”

The picture was taken on 22 April 2016 – one day before her birthday – and if the theory is true then it would mean she is 32 years old.

Here’s what Twitter has had to say about it:

However, it appears it wasn’t her birthday, as the Daily Mail obtained Laura’s actual birth certificate confirming that she was, born in 1989.

It’s likely that the birthday was her ex-boyfriend, Welsh rugby player Mike Poole, who coincidentally shares the same date of birth as her.

Another conspiracy debunked.