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18th Jul 2018

Fans want this Love Island couple to leave after officially breaking the rules

Fair point

Cathy Donohue

Fair point

As Love Island viewers are aware, Georgia and Sam decided to split up earlier this week as this was the only way they could stay in the villa.

If they decided to stay together as a couple, they would have been booted off which is why they broke up.

However, they haven’t exactly been keeping to these rules and fans of the reality TV show aren’t happy.

Georgia and Sam have been kissing and cuddling and generally acting like a couple and as people have pointed out, this is a complete breach of the rules.

Viewers have been calling for them to leave the show and although this would be a harsh punishment, there’s no denying that they’re not keeping to their side of the agreement.

Here are some of the thoughts people have on the Georgia/Sam situation.

They’re not happy with the producers.

Could there be something between Georgia and Josh though?

Not everyone is against it though, some are enjoying the ‘forbidden romance’.

What do you think? Let us know your Love Island thoughts…