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18th Jul 2018

Love Island fans are calling out Georgia after her pre-villa interview resurfaces

It's become one of the most well-known Love Island catchphrases

Keeley Ryan

It’s become one of the most well-known Love Island catchphrases

Or, at least, one of the most recognisable ones from Love Island 2018.

We’re talking, of course, about Georgia Steel constantly telling the other Islanders what “a loyal girl she is, babe.”

This week’s episodes have already seen her split with her partner, Sam Bird, so that they could meet (and date) the new Islanders – which led viewers, and some of the housemates, to question her loyalty.

However, Georgia’s pre-villa interview has resurfaced on social media – and it’s just added more fuel to questioning.

The now-viral clip shows G talking about some of her previous relationships, where she admits that she has cheated before but it “doesn’t count” since the relationship wasn’t serious.

She says:

“I am a handful. I have cheated, but I hadn’t been in a serious relationship with them, so it didn’t count.”

The person who shared the clip on Twitter wrote:

“UMMMMMMM RECAP ON MS LOYAL ‘I have cheated but I haven’t been in a serious relationship so it doesn’t count’

“BUT YOU AND JOSH WEREN’T SERIOUS nah I’m done Georgia is actually finished.”

Many fans began to question why she was upset with Josh for returning form Casa Amor with Kaz, as “they weren’t even serious” when he left.

Others just wondered how G could say she was loyal when the clip appeared to say otherwise.


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