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05th Oct 2015

Look away now Dr Dre and N.W.A – this man is one of your fans…

Lia Nicholls

Anyone in earshot of George Osborne, don’t be alarmed if he’s mumbling “F**k Tha Police”.

First came the haircut, now the Chancellor has admitted he’s a fan of N.W.A.

He admitted to The Mail on Sunday that their gig at Brixton Academy was the best he’s ever been to.

Okay, so it was back in the early 1990s, but we’ll wager he definitely still gets his swagger on to the West coast rap group.

Sufjan Stevens is Osborne’s choice for calmer melodies while JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations provides the sound for when he writes his speeches.

Anyone would think he’s having a mid-life crisis, but then he has been working with David Cameron for a while…