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28th Apr 2017

Liam Gallagher hits out at “dick out of Blur and creepy 1 out of Oasis” in latest rant

He's at it again

Conor Heneghan

Somehow we doubt the targets of his rant will be too bothered about it.

The prospect of an Oasis reunion is one that fans of the band still cling to, but it’s never going to happen as long as the Gallagher brothers keep shooting their mouths off about one another in public.

It’s something the younger Gallagher, Liam, seems to be particularly fond of and he was at it again late Thursday night/early Friday morning, throwing Damon Albarn into the mix for good measure.

Fans of Albarn and Gorillaz will be aware that Noel Gallagher appears on the upcoming Gorillaz album, ‘Humanz’, singing and playing guitar on the track ‘We Got the Power’.

While Albarn and Noel Gallagher patched up their own Blur/Oasis feud a long time ago, Liam, it seems, isn’t prepared to let it go and hit out at his older brother and Albarn in a rant on Twitter.

Noel and Albarn aren’t likely to be too put out about it, however, not just because Liam’s public outbursts are nothing new, but Albarn actually predicted Liam’s backlash before he even came out with it.

“Of course, no one’s asked Liam what he thinks about the song yet,” Albarn told Vulture recently.

“No doubt he’d have a fantastic one-liner about what a bunch of f**king knobheads we are.”

Noel, meanwhile, simply said: “Listen, nobody gives a f**k what Liam thinks about anything.”