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20th Jun 2024

Kylie Jenner breaks down in tears over internet reaction to her filter-free photos

Charlie Herbert

She said it was a ‘miracle’ she had any confidence left

Kylie Jenner became emotional as she as she discussed the online reaction she had received over her pictures of herself from Paris Fashion Week.

Earlier this year, Jenner sported a natural look when she attended the fashion event. She rocked up with a more parred back look than normal for the star, donning a nude chiffon dress, with a simple glowing makeup look to match.

It also looked like the 26-year-old had toned down her makeup and fillers.

However, not everyone agreed that the youngest of the Kardashian clan looked her usual beautiful self, with the reality star becoming the victim of online trolling over the look.

Kylie had sported a more toned-down and natural look at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year (Getty)

Now, she has opened up about the impact this had her.

Speaking to her her sister Kris Jenner in a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kylie said it was a “miracle” she had any “confidence” left after the abuse she received.

“It’s a miracle that I still have confidence and I could still look in the mirror and think that I’m pretty,” she said.

“I’m kind of like, so numb to people talking about my looks at this point, and I just want to know why on the internet no one says anything or thinks that it’s OK.”

Kylie Jenner became emotional as she discussed the reaction to her appearance with her sister (Hulu)

Kylie pointed out that if she had worn makeup, people would have criticised her for that as well. She also called out people for speculating about her fillers, the MailOnline reports.

Kendall agreed that the whole Kardashian/Jenner family faces this issue of having their looks constantly scrutinised, saying that they were “dehumanised” in the public eye.

“They don’t think that there are any rules with us,” she said, adding that people don’t think they have “any feelings.”

“If you talked the same way you talk about us about any other woman, people would come to their defence all day long,” Kendall added. 

Kylie revealed she had been trying out a new, more natural look and had dissolved half of her lip filler over the last year.

Becoming emotional, she said: “I think with me it’s never going to change. Why do people think it’s OK to take about me?”

Kylie admitted she had ‘never cried about this before’ (Hulu)

She recalled reading comments telling her she had “f***ed up her face” and had “so much surgery.”

“I’ve never cried about this before, but I guess it does affect me,” she said.

Kylie said people had complained about her appearance even before she got fillers, and was upset that people say she looks “old.”

The model admitted they would probably never get past the comments, as people would always assume she had gotten a “full facial reconstruction.”

“I can’t let the comments get me down,” Kylie said. “I can’t let the comments get me down. I have s*** to do. Rise above.”