Man rebailed until later this week after Katie Price assault arrest 1 month ago

Man rebailed until later this week after Katie Price assault arrest

The man, whose identity has not yet been revealed, has had his bail extended

The man who was arrested after attacking Katie Price in late August has now been rebailed until later this week.


The currently unidentified assailant, 32, was placed on bail until September 20 after being arrested on assault, theft and coercive charges but this date has now been rescheduled until later this week, according to Essex Police.

Price, 43, suffered a serious eye injury as a result of the assault which took place in her home whilst she was watching television around 1:30am.

Speaking to The Sun around the time of the attack, she said “I ran away after being punched - I ran to Harvey’s house and have now done damage to my feet, which I previously injured."

The former model turned TV personality has had a string of threats towards her and her family over the years, having previously lived under police guard after threats to kidnap her son, Harvey.

She went on to say, “I’ve got a big bruise, my face is all puffy, and I went to hospital. I’m still all dazed. I’m devastated. I’ve told police that I was assaulted, and am in shock that this happened. I can’t say any more.”

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